State Street Ballet: About


State Street Ballet is a company comprised of professional dancers from around the world. Under the direction of former American Ballet Theatre dancer Rodney Gustafson and world-renowned choreographer William Soleau, they are a group praised for their commitment to technical and artistic excellence, and applauded for their versatility and innovation. State Street Ballet dancers rehearse for an average of 30 weeks per season, are on the road two to three months of the year, and pride themselves on inspiring and enriching the local Santa Barbara community, as well as the communities they travel to on tour.

Tanner Blee
Grand Junction, CO

Oscar Bravo Ly
Santiago, Chile

Anna Carnes
Santa Clarita, CA

Sergei Domrachev
Moscow, Russia

Amara Galloway
Fairfax, VA

Arianna Hartanov
Denver, CO

Amber Hirschfield
Southbury, CT

Julia Kamilos
Sacramento, CA

Marika Kobayashi
Kumagaya, Japan

Ryan Lenkey
Wheeling, WV

Emma Matthews
Vernon, NJ

Emily McKinney
Los Altos Hills, CA

Harold Mendez
Havana, Cuba

Deise Mendonça
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Zhan Mishel Panchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

Noam Tsivkin
New York, NY

Saori Yamashita
Sapporo, Japan

Eliana Swanberg

Nathaniel Tyson